4-H Global Citizenship Program - Overview

Japanese delegate and American host sibling in KimonosWhat happens in other countries and on other continents affects each of us in some way. The world's collective survival depends on awareness of the world and its peoples. The 4-H Global Citizenship program provides opportunities for hands-on learning activities and international exchange experiences that develop awareness of the world and its peoples.

4-H International Exchange Programs

The Oregon 4-H Program provides opportunities for teens and young adults to travel to other countries as participants in host-family based exchange programs. In addition, Oregon hosts young people from other countries for stays ranging from two weeks to ten months.  Countries currently involved include: Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Norway, and South Korea.

Complete information on all exchange programs.

Youth and Young Adults in Action

All youth and young adults interested in participating in an international experience through the Oregon 4-H Youth Development Program are eligible to apply for scholarships available through the Oregon 4-H Foundation. If awarded a scholarship, the delegate must agree to fulfill :pay it forward" projects to share their experience. While participants experiences are different, the stories and reports they have written should help provide an idea of what life was like in their host countries while they were there. This material also gives insights into what participants gained through their experiences.

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4-H Group Based Activities

Global Citizenship projects encourage youth and adults to look at how interdependent we are with all countries and peoples around the world.

Additional information and activity sheets.

Resource Materials for Staff and Volunteers

Resource materials have been developed for staff and volunteers in counties involved in international programs.

Additional information and resource materials.


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