About Collegiate 4-H

The OSU Collegiate 4-H Chapter began in 1929 and has a long and proud history here at Oregon State University.  At one point the chapter was so large it had it’s own house and a honorary society (Mu Beta Beta).  The chapter went inactive in the 1980’s and was restarted in 1999.
Since then the OSU Collegiate 4-H chapter has worked steadily to bring the chapter back to it’s former size and strength.  In 2000 the club earned the national club of the year award in the new club division.  In 2003 OSU hosted the Western Regional Collegiate 4-H conference and in 2004 OSU played host to the nation when it put on the National Collegiate 4-H conference in Portland, Oregon (“Rose City or Bust”).

The club is a community service based and social club housed out of the 4-H Youth Development Department of the College of Education.  There is no previous 4-H requirement to be a part of the OSU Collegiate 4-H chapter although many of our members are former 4-H members.  Collegiate 4-H provides them a unique way to stay involved with the 4-H program through our motto, “sharing to continue, continuing to share.”
Experience in Collegiate 4-H is often cited as a significant contributor to the success of members after college.  Many Collegiate 4-H alumni say that what they learned in 4-H helped them get their first job or into the graduate or vet school of their choice.

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