Youth Action Research Inventory - YARI

The YARI was developed in response to the need for a straightforward, parsimonious, and easy to score instrument to measure the impact o youth who take part in youth participatory action research (YPAR) and youth participatory evaluation (YPE) programs. The YARI is intended to be used broadly and freely by practitioners, program evaluators, and researchers who engage youth in YPAR or YPE programs.

 Face Validity

The 53 items contained in the YARI were drawn from a review of current literature on the impact of YPAR and YPE programs on youth. A list of initial items was prepared and subsequently presented to a group of youth program evaluators at the 2011 American Evaluation Association conference in Anaheim, CA. This group reviewed each item, and suggested changes to some content and wording of the items. From there a second draft of the instrument was prepared and shared with three practitioner researchers with considerable expertise with YPAR and YPE programs. As a result of this review a few additional minor changes were made to the instrument, resulting in the initial pilot version.


At this time, no reliability testing has been conducted on the YARI, and it is important to note that such testing will likely result in significant changes to the final version of the YARI.

Researchers and practitioners are welcome and encouraged to use the YARI to measure impact of YPAR and YPE programs. The lead author particularly invites collaborators willing to contribute data to the piloting efforts. Please contact lead author Dr. Mary Arnold at to discuss details for submitting pilot data.

The Youth Action Reserch Inventory (YARI) Instrument (PDF)

The Youth Action Research Inventory Program Requirements and Scoring Guide (PDF)

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