Activate Oregon!

Activate Oregon's goal is to...

Engage young people and adult mentors in their communities... delivering education, skills practice and support...
 enable them to make collaborative decisions

                   and create community partnerships...

                            for a more vibrant Oregon future!


Here are a couple of examples of civic engagement projects highlighted by local media.
Matt and Zach were our youth presenters at the 2012 Retreat.

Matt's Chemo Bags

Matt's mission: bring comfort to cancer patients. Matt saw how a few comfort items made his mom's chemo treatment easier & created bags of comfort items to donate to cancer centers. Participants will have the opportunity to help Matt's mission by making fleece lap blankets.

Click here to go to the Matt's Chemo Bags website!

Links of Love 2 Chains of Hope

14 year old Zach started a non-profit organization to get young people involved in his community. In 2011, he was honored with the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for outstanding commitment to community and volunteer work.

Click to read a news article about Zach's work!

Current Partners Bringing you Activate Oregon

Rural Development Initiatives

Contact: Ami Keiffer

Oregon 4-H

Contact: Marilyn Lesmeister

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