Contest Materials - Natural Science

Aquatic Education and Sportfishing

Aquatic Fauna Specimen Score Sheet download pdf (451-01)
Common Knots Score Sheet download pdf (451-02)
Fish Printing Score Sheet download pdf (451-03)
Flies Score Sheet  revised 7-17-12 download pdf (451-04)
Lures Score Sheet download pdf (451-05)
Rod/Pole Fishing Educational Display Score Sheet download pdf (451-06 revised 4-02)
Aquatic Ecology and Sport Fishing Explanation Card download pdf (451-07), new fillable format (5-13)


Entomology Exhibit Score Card (821-01)
Information on New Insects in Collection for Current Project year  required for intermediate and senior members (821-03)


Advanced Forestry Exhibit Score Sheet (441-02)
Forestry Exhibit Score Sheet (441-01, revised 1-98)
Forestry Specimen Collection Site Analysis Sheet (441-05)
Forest Specimen Exhibit Requirements (440-06)
Forestry Mounting Page (441-07)


Geology Exhibit Score Sheet (421-01)
Specimen Collection Geology Site Analysis Sheet for intermediate and senior exhibitors (421-03)
Example Site sheet - Intermediate (PDF)
Example Site sheet - Senior (PDF)

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