County Medals

About County Medals

County Medals are available to recognize 4 H members in project or activity areas who have demonstrated advanced accomplishments in a 4-H project, as well as in leadership and citizenship activities.

Pending availability, the State 4-H Office will supply 2 Medals per project area annually (3 for Foods and Nutrition; 3 for Clothing/Sewing; and 5 for Horse). Please refer to the County Medals Order Form below for a list of the medals currently offered. Counties may choose to award more medals than the state provides. If this is the case, counties must order and pay for the additional medals directly from the National 4-H Supply Service.


  • Members must be in the 7th through 12th grades
  • Members may receive only one project medal per year
  • Members may also receive a Fashion Revue Medal or an Achievement Medal in the same year they receive a project medal.
  • If merited by outstanding accomplishment, members may receive the same medal once as an Intermediate and once as a Senior. (Exception: Fashion Revue and Achievement Medals may only be awarded once to any member).

Application Procedure

Applications for county medals can be made in two ways: 1) The 4-H leader nominates members and has him or her fill out a County Medal Application Form. The leader then writes a recommendation and signs the application form; or 2) A member initiates his or her own nomination by completing a County Medal Application Form and taking it to his or her leader for signature and leader recommendation.

Selection Procedure

Counties are responsible for developing a procedure to select county medal winners, and forwarding the list of winners to the state 4-H Office. It is recommended that Counties form a Recognition Committee to review medal applications. Please refer to the Guidelines for Reviewing County Medal Applications for assistance in selecting medal recipients.


Ordering County Medals

To order medals, please complete the County Medal Order and Report Form. Counties may submit orders for county medals at anytime during the year. Orders MUST be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the recognition event.  Medal recipients are asked to send a Thank You note to the donor who sponsored their medal.


Please send, email or fax county medal order forms to:
Roberta Lundeberg
106 Ballard Hall, OSU
Corvallis, OR 97331
541-737-0999 (fax)

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