The Expressive Arts Development Committee

The Expressive Arts Development Committee is an advisory committee to give input to the state specialist on the guidelines and resources that will enable many youth and leaders to explore and enjoy the projects in this area. State level Expressive Arts projects include: Art (Original and Non-original), Cake Decorating, Fiber Arts, Leathercraft, Photography, and Ceramics.  

The committee is made up of volunteers, youth, and faculty/staff. Each member of the committee is valuable whether they happen to provide some expertise in a specific project or whether they can provide the view of a novice who needs to understand the information and intent of that project.

The committee meets once a year in November for about 2-3 hours.  Connections by polycom and phone conference call are available.

Minutes, Fall 2013
Minutes, Fall 2011

Minutes, Fall 2010

Minutes, Fall 2009

Minutes, Fall 2008

2012-2013 Committee members

Robin Bennett, Jackson
Laura Jeffrey, Clackamas
Mel Jeffrey, Clackamas
Steven Kershaw, Tillamook
Sandy Lyon, Douglas
Patricia Spark, Linn
Elissa Wells, Coos
Jan Williams, Clackamas
Pamela Rose, Statewide Leadership for Expressive Arts

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