Participation in fair activities is an opportunity and a privilege for 4-H members. If they choose to participate, they're asking for acompetent adult to give his or her opinion regarding the quality of their participation.  Having asked for this opinion, they should  learn from it.

As a judge, you're a teacher, an example, and an inspiration as well as a developer of young people.  Members, their parents, leaders, and the general public are probably more alert and attentive during evaluation than at any other time during the 4-H experience. What you do and say may be more important than what everyone else has said and done during the year. Yours is an important responsibility.

To be added to the judges list (all areas except horse) please print, fill out and mail the following forms to the address below.


Training, The Oregon 4-H Judge

Mail to:

Judges List
106 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3608

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