Youth Connect: At Great Meetings

Recording of E-session One - MediaSpace Video
Parliamentary Procedure Basics - YouTube Video

e-SESSION #1 - Youth Connect: At Great Meetings

Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6:30 - 8:00 pm Pacific Time

“That was a GREAT 4-H MEETING!” Join Oregon 4-H volunteers and staff for the 2015 WRLF. Be inspired by adults (Oregon, Wisconsin) who help youth practice leadership at every age, and have fun at club meetings while learning and conducting business. See ways that 4-H club meetings are the right environment to include the essential elements: belonging, mastery, generosity and independence. See a video to learn fundamental Parliamentary Procedure (New Mexico). What other ways can members use to make decisions during club meetings?  How should committees work?  Chris Clover will share answers to these questions and others during “Youth Connect: At Great Meetings” on Tuesday, January 27. Receive videos, lesson plans, activities and print materials to learn more and use in clubs.  4-H member-volunteer partnerships can create many effective, educational experiences! Every 4-H meeting can be GREAT!

At the end of this session participants will be able to identify: the four essential elements of 4-H and how to incorporate them into club meetings; three parts of a club meeting and how to incorporate them all, consistently; various decision-making methods and when each is most effective; and, opportunities for members to develop and practice leadership skills.

States providing education and resources during this e-session include:  New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Resources for participants

Required Downloads

Session #1 AGENDA
Session #1 Meeting Pie Chart
Session #1 4-H Club Annual Plan pdf version, fillable version
Session #1 Parliamentary Procedure Basics pdf
Session #1 Group Decisions Methods pdf
Session #1 Tips for Committee Success pdf

Additional Resources

PDF of PowerPoint - 3 per page, for notes pdf
Session #1 Parlimentary Procedure at a Club Meeting, pdf
Session #1 Gaveling Your Way to Better Meetings, pdf
Session #1 Using Committees Tip Sheet, pdf


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