Widening the Circle: Special Connections

Recording of E-session Two - MediaSpace Video

e-SESSION #2 - Widening the Circle: Special Connections

Thursday, February 12, 2015, 6:30 - 8:00 pm Pacific Time

Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin

Many community youth are eligible to get involved in 4-H to learn and grow. Every school, in every state, includes youth who have special needs. Join Oregon 4-H Program volunteers and staff on February 12. Be inspired by 4-H alum, Temple Grandin (Colorado State University) as she talks about her experience learning with autism. Then, with the help of an instructor from Kids Included Together (KIT), we will practice skills and gain confidence in working beside 4-H youth who have special needs, such as physical, social, or learning disabilities. Explore opportunities for working with a child’s family and school support systems. Understand strategies to recruit and engage youth with various levels of ability. Learn how to adapt 4-H activities and make accommodation for youth with special needs. After this Forum e-session, states will have access to many on-line learning modules (30-60 min each) on specific topics of their choice and individual consultations with KIT staff to address unique county and state needs. Great resources for the future!

Kathryn King
Kathryn King,
“Kids Included Together” Educator










Resources for Participants

Downloads Referenced During Session 2

5 Questions for Parents
Case by Case Checklist
Conversations With Parents
Gathering Information from Families
Creating and Using Visual Schedules

Additional Resources

Kids Included Together - PDF of Powerpoint - 3 per page UPDATED 1:00pm 2/11/15
Pre & Post KIT Presentation 3 per page

Inclusive Program Goals
Incluisive Program Messages
Cultivating Respectful Disability Awareness
Top Tips for Inclusive Programs

 4-H Agent’s Reflections: For Accommodations
4-H Agent Accommodations for County Fair

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