National 4-H Congress

National 4-H Congress is held each Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 1,000 4-H members from all 50 states and Puerto Rico attend Congress. Watch a video from 2011 National 4-H Congress.  At Congress, delegates hear inspirational speakers, participate in cultural workshops, a large-scale community service project, and other fun activities.  Oregon Congress trip winners typically demonstrate a considerable breadth and depth of 4-H experience.

2013 National 4-H Congress delegation

2013 Delegation to National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA. 

The Oregon 4-H program views National 4-H Congress as an important opportunity for 4-H members, and is committed to providing this experience to as many 4-H members who can benefit from it as possible. Because the trips to Congress are dependent on donations, a selection process is held each year. The State 4-H Recognition Committee selects Congress delegates based on the member's overall achievement in 4-H projects, leadership, communication, citizenship, community service and readiness to benefit from Congress.

National 4-H Congress Eligibility Requirements

  • Members must have at least three years of 4-H participation, including the current year.
  •  The 4-H member must be an active 4-H participant during the current 4-H year. 
  •   Members must be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades at the time of application.
  •  Selection is based on the member's record to February 1 of the current year.

 National 4-H Congress Application Procedures

Application Procedures for Counties

  • The determination of which members are invited to submit a an application to National 4-H Congress rests with the individual county Extension 4-H Youth Development faculty member. Counties are encouraged to have a well-defined selection process that matches the goals of the State 4-H Program for selection of National 4-H Congress applicants.
  • Counties submit the State 4-H Resumes to the State 4-H Office, along with an extra copy of "My 4-H Story" and the County Nominations for National 4-H Congress form by March 1.  Member’s main project areas and contact information must be listed on this form.  Each county may nominate as many individuals as they feel are qualified.

National 4-H Congress Selection Procedure

The State 4-H Recognition Committee meets in March to select the finalists for trips to National 4-H Congress. Formal interviews of these finalists occur in June at 4-H Summer Conference at Oregon State University.  Congress finalists are required to register for 4-H Summer Conference, participate in the Congress track all day Friday, and stay for the announcement of the delegation at the awards banquet on Saturday morning.


National 4-H Congress Selection Criteria

The goal in selecting delegates for National 4-H Congress is to select members who demonstrate considerable growth and accomplishment in 4-H participation in each of the following areas:

 Leadership   25 Points 
 Citizenship and Community Service   25 Points
 4-H Projects and Activities   25 Points
 Communication   15 Points
 Personal Interview   50 Points
 Total Points Possible  140 Points
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