National 4-H Congress

National 4-H Congress is held each Thanksgiving weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 1,000 4-H members from all 50 states and Puerto Rico attend Congress. Watch a video from 2011 National 4-H Congress.  At Congress, delegates hear inspirational speakers, participate in cultural workshops, a large-scale community service project, and other fun activities.  Oregon Congress trip winners typically demonstrate a considerable breadth and depth of 4-H experience.

2014 National 4-H Congress delegation

2014 Delegation to National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA. 

The Oregon 4-H program views National 4-H Congress as an important opportunity for 4-H members and is committed to providing this experience to as many 4-H members who can benefit from it as possible. Because the trips to Congress are dependent on donations, a selection process is held each year. The State 4-H Recognition Committee selects Congress delegates based on the member's overall achievement in 4-H projects, leadership, communication, citizenship/community service and readiness to benefit from Congress.

National 4-H Congress Eligibility Requirements

  • Members must have at least three years of 4-H participation, including the current year.
  • The 4-H member must be an active 4-H participant during the current 4-H year.
  • Members must be in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades at the time of application.

National 4-H Congress Application and Instructions

Application Procedures for Counties

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