State 4-H Staff

The state staff in the 4-H Youth Development Program provides statewide leadership and direction to a variety of programs.  Each state staff member and their program areas are listed below.  They programmatically and administratively coordinate state level 4-H activities and programs and identifiy and secure funding for statewide and/or multi-county programs, events and activities. For a detailed list of roles and responsibilites check out this Word document.

Current Roles and Responsibilities
Who Can Help Me at the Oregon State 4-H Office?

The majority of the state 4-H staff are located in offices in Ballard Extension Hall at Oregon State University in Corvallis OR, however a few, as indicated in the table below, reside in county offices.  The OSU office location and maiiling address are:

4-H Youth Development State Office
2591 SW Campus Way
Ballard Extension Hall, (Rooms 105, 106, 123, 125)
Oregon State University

Mailing Address:
106 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
Tel: 541-737-4444 / Fax: 541-737-0999

Faculty and Staff

Mary-Arnold, Progam Evaluation (541-737-1315) - Corvallis

John Baggott, 4-H Military Liason, Afterschool Programs (404-791-5971 - Beaverton)

Lynette Black, Expressive Arts, Family & Consumer Science (541-296-5494 - The Dalles

Candi Bothum, Animal Science Program (541) 548-6088 - Redmond

Virginia Bourdeau, Science Programs (503-371-7920) - Corvallis

Brenda Coleman, International Progams (541-737-1303) - Corvallis

Pati Craven, Administrative Program Assistant (541-737-1324) - Corvallis

Andy Hoffmann, Administrative Program Assistant (541-737-1322) - Corvallis

Lillian Larwood, Emeritus Professor, 4-H Specialist (541-737-1316) - Corvallis

Marilyn Lesmeister, Volunteer and Civic Programs (541-737-2794) - Corvallis

Roberta Lundeberg, Statewide Events (541-737-9295) - Corvallis

Mario Magana, Outreach (541-737-0925) - Corvallis

Pamela Rose, 4-H Program Leader (541-737-8252) - Salem

Dave White, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Education (541-548-6088) - Redmond