Youth Advocates for Health


2016-2017 YA4-H! Teens as Teachers Training Participants at Eagle Crest as part of the 4-H Youth Voice: Youth Choice Program sponsored by National 4-H Council through generous funding from the Walmart Foundation


The 4-H Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) program engages 4-H teens in health-related learning, with the ultimate goal of supporting youth to lead health-related change in their communities. YA4-H! prepares youth to work in partnership with adults and other teens to engage communities for change, and equips and empowers them as learners, teachers, researchers, and advocates to address critical health-related concerns. Along the way, YA4-H! provides opportunities for teens to develop and practices the skills that will help them as they work their way through the transition into young adulthood.


YA4-H Curriculum

               Webinar Overiew of the Curriculum (May 12, 2016)

               Webinar Overiew of the Curriculum (May 19, 2016)

Teens as Teachers Program Resources

  • Youth Participatory Action Research
               Youth Participatory Action Research Resources

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