Clothing Project

Through the 4-H Clothing project, youth develop decision making abilities, express themselves creatively, gain knowledge and skills in the area of clothing and personal appearance, and learn how to construct sewn items. This project consists of nine progressive skill levels grouped into Basic, Expanding, and Advanced skills. Each level incorporates activities in five areas (Planning and evaluation; Individual development and outreach; Management, consumerism, and wardrobe building; Textiles and science; and Construction). Statewide contests include Fashion Revue and Clothing Judging Contest. Members enroll according to experience level not age or grade.

Member MaterialsLeader helping member cut fabric
4-H Clothing Record pdf and fillable pdf 320-00R Pilot
4-H Clothing Member-Parent Guide 4-H 320-00
4-H Clothing Advancement Guide 4-H 320-01R
Making a Sewing Skills Notebook   320-16-1
My Sewing Skill Sample Mounting Page   320-16

4-H Clothing Construction Fact Sheet Series:
Level 1 Fact Sheets:
Sewing Equipment 4-H 320-11
Cutting Skills 4-H 320-12
Hand-Sewing Skills 4-H 320-13
Pressing Skills 4-H 320-14
Sewing Machines and Sergers 4-H 320-15
Making a Skills Notebook 4-H 320-16
Fibers and Fabrics 4-H 320-17
Pattern Skills 4-H 320-18
Plain Seams and Seam Finishes 4-H 320-19
Levels 2-3 Fact Sheets:
Hemming Skills 4-H 320-32
Facings and Enclosed Seams 4-H 320-33
Easing and Gathering 4-H 320-34
Centered and Lapped Zippers 4-H 320-35
Casings and Crotch Seams 4-H 320-36

Measuring Up: Quality Standards in Sewn Items (4-H 92011) (PNW 197)
4-H Fashion Revue Manual  (4-H 9202)

Exhibit and Contest Materials
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For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials
4-H Clothing Leader Lesson Plans (Basic Levels 1, 2 and 3) 4-H 320-00BL
4-H Clothing Guidelines for Leaders: Basic, Expanding and Advanced Skills 4-H 320-00L
Science Rich Handbook, Focus on the 4-H Clothing Project
Introduction to Science Inquiry video
Science Inquiry Video: Fabric Dyeing

Related Materials
Sewing Expressions: Under Construction (BU 08060)
Sewing Expressions: Fashion Forward (BU 08061)
Sewing Expressions: Refine Design (BU 08062)
Sewing Expressions: Helper's Guide (BU 08063)