Small Animal Advisory Committee

This group is facilitated by the state staff member responsible for coordinating small animal projects, currently Candi Bothum ( The role of the committee is advisory to the State Staff member in charge of small animal project areas. In that role, the committee consults and makes proposals regarding statewide:

  • Curriculum
  • competitive events
  • training
  • state fair
  • judges’ training
  • Essentially, all things 4-H Small Animal for the state of Oregon.

Committee Members should be diverse in discipline, knowledge, and age - from members to volunteers, experienced to beginners, rabbit, cavy, poultry and pigeon project representatives; the more diverse the better.

Committee members should expect to meet a minimum of twice per year, once in the fall on the west side of the state and once in the spring on the east side of the state.  Committee members should expect to be participatory, not just in these bi-annual meetings, but also in statewide trainings and state fair.  Special statewide opportunities will depend on this group’s input and facilitation.

  • Selected applicants will serve three (3) year terms and must be off the committee for one (1) year before reapplying.
  • The committee will consist of approximately 12 members (no more than 15). The OSU Staff Member will make selections based on the statewide application process and the Extension Agent’s feedback from where applicant resides. Member selection should consider diverse expertise and experience as well as representation from throughout the state.  Member selection will place emphasis on members who have proven to work well in committee and team settings and who are willing to be a voice for all related projects/disciplines. Staff, Leaders, Volunteers, Parents and Members are welcome.
  • The full committee will meet a minimum of twice per year (fall and spring).
  • Advisory committee suggestions will be made from the majority of members present at each meeting.  Suggestions/decisions will be forwarded to all 4-H Extension Staff for input and feedback.  If feedback is positive, 4-H staff and volunteers will make an effort to follow through with the decision.  If the feedback raises questions not yet discussed or planned, this item will return to the committee for additional discussion.
  • State fair superintendents are considered Resource Leaders for each committee and will remain on the committee until they are no longer superintendents.