Outreach Leadership Institute (OLI) Part lll


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Event III - Leadership Development: The main purpose of this event is for high school students do develop leadership skills, confidence, and knowledge to serve as Camp Counselors at the 4-H International Summer Camps. During this event, students will participate in different leadership activities where they will learn how to work and manage a group of younger students. They will also develop projects, games, and activities to entertain their campers during camp.

In 4-H, children's safety is our primary priority. For this reason, students will participate in different scenarios to develop common sense, good judgment and understanding of what to do in case of an accident or emergency situation.

  • Learn from previous camp counselors how to deal with or react to a particular situation or child.
  • Get familiar with the 4-H Center campgrounds and facilities.
  • Learn how to lead, conduct and run physical activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, canoeing, archery, swings, and swimming.

Students will participate in different presentations where they will learn about state laws, rules and regulations, as well as 4-H rules and regulations, to ensure the wellbeing of the youth and children attending summer camps. Additionally, students will participate in workshops where they will be exposed to different scenarios such as bullying, physical and emotional abuse, and sexual harassment.

During the leadership development event, there will be a group of experienced camp counselors and adults observing the behaviors, attitudes, and willingness of each student to participate in activities. They will be asked to judge each student’s capacity to be in a leadership role and if he/she should be invited to participate in interviews. The interviews take place during the Leadership Institute. After the interviews, we will ask for the interest and the availability of the student to serve as camp counselors. Those who show interest and are available to serve as camp counselors will be contacted after the event to serve as camp counselor. No student will be denied the opportunity to participate in the Oregon 4-H OLI for the inability or capacity to serve as camp counselors, however they will continue participating in the Institute developing leadership skills for the next year’s opportunities.














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