Outreach Leadership Institute (OLI) Part IV


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Event IV – Serving as Camp Counselor/Leader: This is the culmination of the process, and most critical part of the 4-H OLI project in regards to youth development. Humans feel welcome, valuable, and important when they are put in leadership positions because it increases their self-esteem and confidence. As a result of this experience as leaders, students will change their behavior from an average person to a leader or role model attitude. This experience embeds a permanent leader/role model characteristic and develops skill sets and behaviors that students will utilize throughout their lives. Students will not only change their behavior during camp but also at home, school, and in their community. Most students who are in leadership positions know that they are leaders. They know that the people in their community have different set of expectations from them. As a result, they will act and behave as leaders and role models beyond the average person. This will be achieved by the different workshops, presentations, role models and leadership activities were the participants would develop these skills.

Camp Counselors



During this event, students will serve as Camp Counselors/Leaders at the 4-H International Summer Camps where they will be responsible to lead, supervise and take care of 4-6 children, for 24 hours for four to five days.

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