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The Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project is an initiative of the Oregon State University Extension 4-H Youth Development Program.  The main goals of the project are to (1) expand the statewide capacity of OSU Extension to reach and engage Latino youth and families and (2) increase the participation of Latino youth and families in 4-H.  The project supports local 4-H outreach efforts in counties across the state and is a partner in Extension’s broader effort to increase the cultural competency and diversity of its staff.

Funding for Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach is currently provided by state Extension funds, grants from state and local organizations, and a 5-year Sustainable Communities Project (SCP) grant from the Children, Youth and Families At Risk Program (CYFAR), NIFA, USDA.  (Oregon 4-H has also received two previous CYFAR grants that have been instrumental in developing and implementing the Oregon Latino Outreach Project.)

This web site is designed for youth development professionals interested in knowing more about the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project and the body of knowledge accumulated in successfully applying the culturally responsive project model to programming for youth of all ages in rural and urban areas throughout the state.  Specifically included is information relating to:

  • Engaging Latino Youth in Community-based Programs.  This comprehensive online document describes the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Model and synthesizes the knowledge gained through its implementation over more than a decade.  The emphasis is on designing, delivering, and assessing culturally responsive programming that will attract and retain Latino youth supported by their families. Topics addressed include ways to build relationships and establish trust with Latino communities, issues involved in selecting and supporting outreach staff, critical cultural elements in program design and evaluation, and considerations in recruiting and supporting Latino volunteers.
  • Successful Latino Outreach Practices.   Specific aspects of programming that contributed to the overall success of the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project are addressed, including the Oregon approach to Latino Outreach, connecting with Latino communities, staffing for outreach, developing culturally responsive programs, recruiting youth participants, recruiting and supporting Latino volunteers, and evaluating outreach programs using culturally-responsive strategies.
  • Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Programs.  The Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project does not have a pre-determined curriculum or preferred delivery methods.  Program content and design are determined locally, depending on clientele interests and available resources.  A variety of local programs and activities that have been successfully implemented throughout the state are described here.
  • Oregon Sustainable Communities Programs.  Oregon was the recipient of a 5-year SCP/CYFAR grant to support the development, delivery, and evaluation of after-school/summer programs targeting Latino youth in grades 3-5.  The core curriculum emphasized experiential learning in science, engineering, and technology, with teamwork emphasized as a learning strategy.  Check out this section for descriptions of implementation activities and evaluation results.
  • Additional Resources Below.  This section contains support materials developed as part of the Oregon 4-H Outreach Project, as well as other resources that project staff have found helpful.  Included are marketing and recruiting tools (bilingual or in Spanish) and a list of other Extension web sites related to project content.

A variety of materials have been developed by project staff to support Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Programs.  These include bilingual marketing and recruiting tools that have generic content and are available in quantity for use in other states.  Staff have also accessed curriculum materials and other useful information on other Extension web sites.   Many of these resources are identified below.   (Resources such as original documents, papers, and presentations by program staff describing specific aspects outreach programming can be found in Successful Latino Outreach Practices.)

Marketing and Recruitment tools  

Bienvenidos a 4-H/Welcome to 4-H Brochure. This bilingual 4-H recruitment brochure is written as a novella and illustrated in comic book style.  It tells the story of how a Latino family, new to their community, finds a way to meet people and become involved in the community through 4-H.  (Publication number 4H0301)  Check availability by emailing

Bienvenidos a 4-H Video. This 15-minute Spanish language video (close-captioned in English) is designed for use with Latino youth and families.  It provides an overview of the 4-H program, highlights the importance of adult volunteers, and showcases examples of how 4-H supports important values held by most Latino communities.  To view the video online click here

Que Es 4-H/What is 4-H?  This series of brief documents explains many basic characteristics of the 4-H program and is available online in both Spanish and English.  Topics include:  a general description of 4-H;  the symbols of 4-H; parents, families, and 4-H; 4-H projects; experiential learning; the role of  volunteer 4-H leaders; starting a 4-H club; planning club meetings; teaching tools and techniques; and working with youth of all ages. 

Other Extension Web Sites

CYFERNet  CYFERNet is an Internet-based service that provides practical, research-based information on children, youth, and families at risk.  The content is contributed by the universities in all fifty states that are collaborating partners in the Cooperative Extension Service Children, Youth, and Family Network Project.  CYFERNet was created in 1992 by professionals working for the Cooperative Extension System (USDA), the National Agricultural Library (USDA), and the Children, Youth, and Family Consortium (University of Minnesota).

CYFAR Homepage    Through an annual Congressional appropriation for the National Children, Youth, and Families at Risk (CYFAR) Initiative, NIFA/USDA allocates funding to Land Grant University Extension Services for community-based programs focusing on at risk children and their families.  The CYFAR web site provides links to resources developed by its funded sites.

 The National Diversity Center on eXtension   The national diversity Center on eXtension is an initiative to provide a virtual community committed to developing educational institutions and agencies that are inclusive in make-up and practice.  A number of topics are addressed.  Particularly relevant is the Reaching New Audiences section.

The National Clearinghouse for Spanish-Language Educational Resouces    This site is operated by and for Extension professionals and includes materials for both youth and adults.

En Español    A variety of publications in Spanish is offered on this bilingual site, sponsored by Illinois Urban Extension and other.  Included is a “Just for Kids” section.

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