Latino Outreach Programs and Activities

Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach programming is currently active in about half of the state’s counties.  These efforts include a variety of approaches and are supported in a variety of ways.  There is no set curriculum nor preferred delivery methods.  Program content is determined locally, depending on clientele interests and available resources.  Listed below are examples of project programs and activities listed by content or delivery method.  Highlighted examples are described more fully at the end of the list.

  • Cultural arts and performance groups.   Folkloric dance groups (Mexican and Aztec), the 4-H Family Guitar Band, art clubs, a drama club
  • Soccer groups.  Teams and clubs, mostly middle school youth
  • Technology groups.  4-H Tech Wizards (web development, video and podcast production, GIS/GPS spatial technologies, Lego and Vex robotics, emerging technologies), videography workshops, family computer workshops, robotics clubs, digital photography clubs
  • Natural/environmental science clubs and activities.  Equipo Verde (Green Team - stream restoration, service learning), 4-H Weyerhaeuser Forestry Project (forestry-related science, skills, careers), Equipo Adventura (local geography, natural resource activities for older youth), Kids and Bugs (stream health, aquatic insects, fly casting, for younger youth), Parents as Partners Elementary Science Club (animal and plant habitats, field trips, computer-assisted learning)
  • Special interest groups.  4-H Adventure Trips (travel, camping, teamwork, youth leadership), WorldQuest™ (global history, geography, current events, culture, language), Mothers and Daughters (personal development), community gardening (horticulture, marketing)
  • After school programs.  Elementary, middle, and high schools; age-appropriate activities, tutoring, and homework support; offered 1-4 days a week
  • Camps.  Day camps (1-15 days) and residential camps (3-5 days), including Junior Master Gardener Camp and International Summer Camps
  • Exchanges.  Urban-rural exchanges involving Latino/Latino and Latino/Native American groups
  • Conferences. Kaleidoscope (a project-sponsored event where nearly 150 high school students visited the OSU campus to learn about opportunities in higher education) and Connecting Communities (workshops and other activities were provided for over 180 professionals from community-based agencies and organizations interested in reaching out to Latino youth and families


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