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2016 South Florida Natural Science & Marine Science Study Tour

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What is your degree?  The 45th parallel, or 45 degrees north latitude, runs through the middle of the state of Oregon.  The tip of Florida sits a 25 degrees north.  Why does latitude matter? Compare similarities and differences between Oregon’s temperate climate and Florida’s sub-tropical climate and species.  In southern Florida we’ll visit ecosystems of pine Flatwoods, cypress swamps, oak hammock and saw grass wet prairie.  At Newfound Harbor Marine Institute we’ll study coral reef ecology, mangrove, seagrass, sponge and algae communities accessed by boat, kayak and snorkeling. 

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Educational Program Information

Itinerary updated 11/9/15

State Symbols Research Reports

1.            State animal- Shannon Feinauer

2.            State bird- Shaden Jensen

3.            State flower & state wildflower- Railey Namitz

4.            State tree- Emma Runyon

5.            State seashell & Crustacean- Faith Black

6.            State rock/ stone- Carmen Yang

7.            State gemstone- Korrina Wirfs

8.            State marine mammal & state saltwater mammal- Prema Nissinen

9.            State freshwater fish & state saltwater fish- Jacob Buhrle

10.          State reptile & state saltwater reptile- Christy Mueller

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