Hawaii Educational Materials

Oregon 4-H Hawaii Study Tour

Aloha! We hope that you will take some time to learn more about Hawaii and Oahu before the trip. This will make your time on the island more meaningful and interesting. If you do nothing else to prepare to for the trip please do the top five activities in the numbered section below.  We hope you will also follow up with the additional eight activities listed to complete the "Top Twelve" things a student traveler should know.  Remember, this is an educational tour- Mahalo.

  1. Hawaii: It's Amazing! Interactive E-Learning program - an introduction to the Hawaiian Islands
  2. Hawaii: It's Complicated! Interactive E-Learning program - Discover how the native Hawaiian nene goose came to be
  3. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles video
  4. Fish Function - e-Learning
  5. The Albatross Ate What? - e-Learmong

    And from the links posted on the page below, an additional eight activities to round out the Top Twelve:

  6. Islands Geologic Evolution Interactive with videos of lava
  7. Under August 7 Monday: NOAA Coral Reef Tutorial
  8. Under August 8 Tuesday  Hawaiian Star Compass
  9. Under August 8 Tuesday  Polynesian Voyaging Technology
  10. Under August 9 Wednesday Marine life of Hawaii
  11. Under August 10 Thursday What is a Sea Bird?
  12. Under August 11 Friday- the Legend of Kane'apua

There are links to many additional unique and interesting resources, videos and interactive programs below- Enjoy!

Here are some cool general information interactives that everyone should try:

Here is the itinerary (as of 7/5/17)

The educational resources below are presented in the
approximate order of experiences on the Study Tour

Oregon 4-H Hawaii Study Tour August 6- 12, 2017
Subject to change

Shark Cove


  • August 8, TuesdayBishop Museum
  • Bishop Museum http://www.bishopmuseum.org/
  • Bishop Museum Map
  • Planetarium show: Wayfinders: Waves, Winds & Stars This fulldome program puts you on the deck of the voyaging canoe Hokule'a as you explore traditional Polynesian navigation and find your own way to Tahiti from Hawai'i. Produced by Bishop Museum in collaboration with Polynesian Voyaging Society and 1001 Stories.
  • Hawaiian Star Compass Video: https://vimeo.com/100267622
  • Polynesian Voyaging Technology Video: https://vimeo.com/95128154
  • Hokule'a Interactive program- study and build a voyaging canoe: http://resources.bishopmuseumeducation.org/resource_type/interactive/hokulea/story.html
  • Hawaiian Plantation Village
  • Hawaiian Plantation Village Brochure
  • Waves of New Migration 1860 and Beyond http://www.hawaiialive.org/topics.php?sub=Unification+and+Monarchy&Subtopic=47
  • Ohana 1 Malama na Honu (Sea Turtle) materials pre-program http://malamanahonu.org/
  • Ohana 2 Odyssey Challenge Course

  • August 9, WednesdayHaleiwa
  • North Shore catamaran, reef fish, dolphins, sea turtkes monk seals.
  • Sack lunch
  • Shave ice and shopping in Hale'iwa
  • Giant Swing and Alpine Tower
  • Evening education program: Albatross and ocean plastics
  • Evening Share-A-Thon Event


  • August 10, Thursday
  • Honu

  • Malama na Honu at Laniakea Beach- sea turtle education and beach clean-up
  • service project, sack lunch break
  • Sea Turtle Brochure
  • Green Sea Turtle Life History
  • Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle Brochure
  • Sea Turtle Identification
  • Waialua Estates Coffee and Chocolate Shopping Stop
  • Evening program: Preparing the lua and food items for the pit with "Uncle" Umi Kai

  • August 11, Friday
  • Ke'nena Point State Park- looking for monk seals and sea birds, especially albatross
  • AlbatrosSea Birds

  • Seabird Match Interactive Game- http://resources.bishopmuseumeducation.org/resource_type/interactive/seabird_match/story.html
  • Monk seal video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4Rv2--m34E
  • Marine life of Hawaii- Hawaii Wildlife Fund: http://www.wildhawaii.org/marinelife.html
  • links to monk seal, humpback whale, dolphins, sea turtles, Coral reefs, marine debris
  • Cultural presentation and luhala weaving
  • The Legend of Kane'apua Video https://vimeo.com/84758328
  • The Wind Gourd of La'amaomoa Interactive program: http://resources.bishopmuseumeducation.org/resource_type/interactive/wind_gourd/story.html
  • Luau
  • Closing program and campfire

  • August 12, Saturday
  • Depart for the airport.
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