4-H Camp Education Lessons

game phptoCarnivore Crossroads

This lesson teaches the ins and outs of reading animal tracks and identifying some of the carnivores that made them. It also provides an opportunity for campers to work together and let their creative juices fly as they create their own carnivore stories!

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microscope photoMicro Mysteries

This lesson lets campers hunt for mystery items while learning how to use microscopes. In small groups or as individuals, campers will use their senses to identify a series of items while discovering the wonders of a magnifying glass along the way!

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Migration LessonMigration Headache

This lesson allows campers to start to understand what it would be like to rely on migration as a part of life. They will start to understand some of the challenges that a bird might go through along the migration path. Campers will have a fun time traveling from place to place from the lens of a bird.

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ocean plasticsOcean Plastics

This lesson teaches campers about the importance of recycling and the impact that it can have on our environment and the animals that live within it. Campers will have the opportunity to learn about the different kinds of plastics and test them out to see exactly what kinds of animals they are harming in the ocean. This class can help campers see what kind of an impact they can have on the world just by remembering to recycle!

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Water Column
Albatross Bolus

deer lesson photo

Oh Deer!

This lesson allows for the campers to experience the life of a deer for the day. They will start to understand the importance of food, water, and shelter for these animals. They will also face some of the consequences that real deer face when they don’t have access to those basic necessities of life.

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owl pellets lesson

Owl Pellets

This lesson is a great way to get campers excited about dissecting! Campers will be able to pick apart owl pellets and learn about the different types of critters that these owls are consuming. They will be able to identify different types of bones within the pellets, they will also learn about the life cycle of an owl along with its location within the food chain.

Lesson Plan
Bone Identification
Food Web Cards
Pellet Kit Inventory
Bird Ball Answer Key

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