Activities for Youth

Global Citizenship projects encourage youth and adults to look at how interdependent we are with all countries and peoples around the world.  All 4-H clubs/groups can learn more about other countries, cultures, and peoples by becoming engaged in Global Citizenship activities. Select activities for your group from the following list, or become engaged in the international aspects of your groups 4-H project by reviewing the activity titled: “A Global Citizenship Aspect in Every 4-H Project.”


Birthday partyActivities

Viewing the World Through the Newspaper

Clean Water is Precious

Describing the World

Five Apples

99 M & M’s

The Global Apple

State of the World

Global Scavenger Hunt

Travel Without a Passport

Global Bingo 1

Global Bingo 2

World Food Search

Knowing Latin America

 “A Day in the Life of Your Community” Project

A Global Citizenship Aspect in Every 4-H Project

International Education Week/Global Youth Service Day

Roll Call Topics

4-H Friendship Bracelet

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