Japan - 8 Week Outbound

For those delegates interested in a longer stay in Japan, the 4-H Exchange Program offers an eight-week program. This program begins four weeks before the one-month summer Japanese Exchange Program. States' 4-H International and Oregon 4-H partner with the Japanese organization, Labo, to make this program possible. This program provides four weeks of intensive, innovative, and fun language instruction. Students stay with host families in the Tokyo area and attend classes at the Labo Center. At the conclusion of the four weeks, they join other American students participating in the four-week program and move host families for the second four weeks of their stay.

Informational flyer and program cost

Informational Flyer

 Payment may be made in three parts.

Hosting Credit: The Japanese organizations offer a credit of $100 for each Japnese month-long student a family has hosted, up to $300. Any family who has hosted a Japanese year-long high school student is credited $1,000 toward participation in the program. These credits will be applied to the final payment due in April.

The program/airfare fee includes

*Round trip airfare from home state to Tokyo, Japan
*In-Japan costs (transportation, meals, lodging)
*Arrival orientation in Tokyo by Labo
*A portion of the adult chaperone expenses
*Accident & sickness insurance
*Japanese Summer Camp (Labo and UTREK delegates) or LEX cultural excursion
*Overnight orientation in U.S. gateway city (double or higher occupancy based lodging)
*Oregon orientation program and materials
*Japanese language program for the first 4 weeks including classroom learning and cultural   excusions (delegates pay for own lunch on weekdays)
*Orientation materials, t-shirts

How to Apply (**Note-Application packets must arrive in Corvallis prior to November 10th for consideration!):

Any youth, age 14-18 is eligible to apply (must be 14 by date of travel and cannot have started college) and youth do not need to be a current 4-H member.  To apply, please submit the following:

* Outbound Participant Application Form. The application includes a photo of the applicant, a 1-page essay, a letter of introduction to the host family, short answer questions, cultural project description, and comprehensive release.
Two references required; one from the County 4-H Agent and one from a non-relative adult such as a teacher or guidance counselor. If the agent does not know the applicant well enough, the applicant must schedule an interview with the agent.  References should be collected in a sealed envelope or sent directly to Oregon 4-H International Programs
* Deposit: $2000 check payable to: States' 4-H International Exchange Programs
* Scholarship application (optional)

Mail completed applications to: Oregon 4-H International Exchange Program State Coordinator, 106 Ballard Extension Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331-3608

Delegate application and selection process

All potential delegates will be interviewed via phone or Zoom between mid and the end of November. Applicants will be asked why they want to go to the country they have selected, what they hope to learn, how they plan to prepare for the trip, and other questions deemed appropriate by the State Coordinator.

Applicants will be notified during the first part of January if they have been selected as an Oregon delegate and about any scholarship awards received.  Number of program participants is limited to a maximum of 17 delegates (which may be subject to increase).

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