Resources for Staff and Volunteers

Resource materials have been developed for staff and volunteers in counties involved in international programs.  The following materials should help faculty/staff and county coordinators/volunteers involved with international programs.

Summer Inbound Program—Japan

Inbound Host Family Recruitment Flyer—Japan

Summer Inbound Hosting Checklist

Summer Program Host Family Interview Guidelines

Summer Program Host Family Interview Report Form

Summer Inbound Camp Request Form

Summer Inbound Programs—Non-Japan

Inbound Host Family Recruitment Flyer—Non-Japan Countries

Summer Inbound Hosting Checklist

Summer Program Host Family Interview Guidelines

Summer Program Host Family Interview Report Form

Summer Outbound Programs

2016 Outbound Program Comparison Summary—Recruitment Flyer All Programs

2016 Outbound Chaperone Recruitment Information—All Programs

2016 Summer Outbound Delegate Checklist—All Programs

2016 Summer Outbound Chaperone Checklist—All Programs

2016 Summer Outbound Informational Flyer—Costa Rica

2016 Summer Outbound Informational Flyer—Japan

2016 Summer Outbound Informational Flyer—Norway

2016 Summer Outbound Informational Flyer—South Korea


Is a 4-H Exchange Program for You?

Academic-Year (High School) Programs

Inbound Academic-Year Host Family Recruitment Flyer pdf      word

Academic-Year Program Placement Checklist

Academic-Year Program Host Family Interview Report Form

Academic-Year Program Host Family In-Home Interview Guidelines

Academic-Year Program High School Acceptance Form

Academic-Year Program Local Coordinator Form

Academic-Year Program Travel Release Form

Volunteer Report Forms - International Exchange Programs

Coordinator Report—All Programs

Coordinator Expense Form—All Programs

Oregon 4-H International Program Teen Counselor Program

The Oregon 4-H International Exchange Program is seeking youth in 8th - 12th grade to assist with summer programs. Interested teens may provide assistance at Japanese Delegate Orientation, or Japanese Departure Programs. Leadership duties vary by program. Japanese Delegate Orientation requires the most youth assistance which includes leading/teaching Japanese delegates. Applications are due June 15 each year.

Position Description

Application for Teen Counselor

Resource Materials – Japanese Exchange

Japanese Knowledge Bingo

Japanese Knowledge Bingo Answer Key

Japanese Artifacts Matching Game

Japanese Artifacts Matching Game Answer Key

Multiple Choice                                                                                   

Multiple Choice Answer Key

Suggestions for writing to your Japanese Exchange Delegate

Party Hat Instructions

Japanese Prefecture Map

Japanese Money and US Bills

Japanese Money and US Coins

Global Guide: Being a Host Brother/Sister

Global Guide: Japanese Email

Global Guide: Ideas to Engage Delegates

Global Guide: Electronic Communications—Japan

Global Guide: Showing Gratitude

First Night Questions

Japanese New Year's Day

Resource Materials – All Exchange Programs

Games Around the World

Fun Things to do With Your Exchange Delegate

Dealing With Homesickness — Ideas to Engage Delegates

Useful Web-Based Resources for International Programs

Media Tip Sheet

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