Challenge and Adventure

High Desert Challenge Course (HDCC)
High Desert Challenge Course (HDCC)
HDCC February
HDCC February

Youth actively seek sensation through experiences that engage their minds, bodies, and spirits in multiple ways. They willingly take physical, intellectual, psychological,  and social risks to experience these strong and powerful feelings. The personal and team building activities associated with Challenge and Adventure utilize perceived risk to channel sensation seeking in meaningful and productive ways that take into account the biological, physical, intellectual, and social needs of youth in the context of families, peers, schools, and communities.

The core of Challenge and Adventure is the Experiential Learning Model. We believe that by allowing youth to work through this model, they begin to build the life skills that are vital to maturing into productive members of society. 

The Oregon State 4-H Youth Development Program believes that any young person can benefit from Challenge and Adventure Programing. These programs do not have to be “stand alone programs”, but can be integrated into any county, regional or state based program. Youth and volunteers from a 4-H Beef Club can experience growth through participating in a Day Hike or Snowshoe outing. 

The material on this site can be used by any 4-H Volunteer to expand their clubs experience and get their members into the outdoors.

Challenge and Adventure Guidelines 2016

Entire Challenge and Adventure Guidelines 2016 pdf


Intent to Administer Challenge and Adventure

Challenge and Adventure Trip Planner Instructions

4-H Challenge and Adventure Trip Planner

Oregon State 4-H Incident Report Form

Medication Adminstration Form

Challenge and Adventure Activities


Rideable/Pack Animal Trips

Day Hiking

Camping with "Out-Tripping"

Backpacking and Backcountry Travel

Snowshoeing, Skiing & Winter Travel

Water Activities

Open Water/Closed Water:  Running or Smooth

Open Water:  Surf


4-H Contact: Woody Davis

4-H Contact: Dave White

Low Ropes - Columbia County Challenge and Adventure program

High Ropes - High Desert Challenge Course (HDCC) - located in Redmond, OR

The Oregon 4-H Center -

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