Science Rich 4-H Learning


Invitation to Contribute

The Oregon 4-H Science Strategic Planning Team invites all staff to participate in the complication of a library of science activities across all 4-H project areas. An instruction sheet and template for lesson development are provided below. Lessons should be sent to Virginia Bourdeau for review by the Science Strategic Team before they will be uploaded to the web site. Thanks, Virginia

The National 4-H Science Mission Mandate

The national 4-H Science Mission Mandate targets addressing the need for improved science education at the local level through the broad range of 4-H projects which are based on science. View the 4-H Science Logic Model here.

The 4-H Science Rich handbook series was developed by a team of state and county 4-H agents to help Oregon 4-H agents and volunteers become familiar with the national 4-H science framework and how to think intentionally about science programming.  Currently there are 4-H Science Rich Handbooks available at the links above for these 4-H Projects: Horticulture, Entomology, Forestry, Geology, Marine Science, Dog, Horse, Foods, and Clothing.

In addition, there are PowerPoint presentations, with step-by-step instructions and examples for leading science activities.  Currently there are presentations available (at the links above) for the Horticulture, Entomology, Forestry, Geology and Marine Science and also one showing youth how to prepare a quality Science Investigation Display for county and state fair.

The PowerPoint presentations will help agents and leaders use the following tools in a Science Rich 4-H Inquiry Activity. More information about the tools is available at these links:

     1. 4-H Science Abilities
     2. 4-H Essential Elements
     3. 4-H Experiential Learning Model
     4. 4-H Science Inquiry in Action Flowchart

The Science Investigation Display exhibit is open to all 4-H members regardless of project enrollment. It is found under Science in the fair book. The Science Investigation Display Evaluation Sheet can be used as a check list to assist 4-H members to include all the required elements of the display.

Staff may use the evaluation instruments posted at to evaluate their local programs.  These are NOT part of the Statewide Program Evaluation, but are available for your use:  for Next Generation Science Practices Grades 4-8 (2014), Next Generation Science Practices Grades 4-8 (retrospective),  Next Generation Science Practices Grades 9-12 (2014) and Next Generation Science Practices Grades 9-12 (retrospective).  

Click on the "Statewide Program Evaluation Link" at to go to the statewide science evaluation coordinated by Mary Arnold.  You will need to log in with your ONID credentials.


Links to PDFs of current Science Rich Handbooks

Horse    Dog    Clothing    Foods    Horticulture    Geology    Entomology    Forestry    Marine Science   
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