Animal Science

Animal Science projects provide opportunities for youth to develop responsibility, patience, and understanding by regularly caring for birds or other animals. In addition to feeding and caring for animals, 4-H members in Animal Science projects learn about animal health, nutrition, physiology, and reproduction. They also learn the important breeds of animals, their characteristics, uses, and how to identify them. Members in the 4-H Animal Science area learn to understand marketing and the economic importance of the livestock industry as well as how to keep and use records.BEFORE you pick your project... please watch this powerpoint presentation!

Because so much of the Animal Science expe-rience involves the daily care of project animals, it is desirable that 4-H members own their animals. Under certain circumstances, members may participate with a leased, borrowed, or shared animal, or without an animal. Grade, crossbred, and registered animals are acceptable for 4-H projects.

Parents are advised to help their children get full benefit from 4-H experiences. 4-H’ers learn by doing, not by what someone does for them. With guidance, 4-H’ers should have full control of their projects. A livestock project is a business venture that offers excellent experience in record keeping and handling money.

- Animal Pails and Microbe Tales

Pick your project and get ready to have fun with friends. Learn about selection and care of your project, how to properly train and present your animal, and share what you've learned with others. Additional projects may be available in your county. Check here for county contact information.

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member preparing her horse for show goat being milked
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member and her dog poultry showmanship
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