Veterinary Science

The Veterinary Science project offers 4-H members the opportunity to explore the field of animal science. The project is open to those who have completed the first steps of a 4-H Animal Science Advancement Program, or who are in the 7th grade or higher and have had some work with animals, or have completed a life science course in school.

Members need not own an animal, but must have one available to study temperature, pulse rate, respiration, and other exercises. The project has three units that should be taken in sequence. Each unit may take more than 1 year.

Member Materials

Unit 1 - Normal Animal (4H131; formerly 4-H 1921) - OUT OF PRINT
Unit 2 - Animal Disease (4H48; formerly 4-H 1922) - OUT OF PRINT
Unit 3 - Animal Health and Our World -  OUT OF PRINT
Check the 4-H Mall for the National 4-H curriculum
My 4-H (          ) Project Record (000-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf  NEW Jan. 2014

For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials

Introduction to Science Inquiry video
Science Inquiry: Animal Color Preference video

Science Inquiry: Farm Animal Health video

Veterinary Science Leader Guide
(4H192; formerly 4-H 1920L)

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