A presentation is a way to share information with others, to teach what you know or have learned. While there are many types of presentations, 4-H materials concentrate on these four: demonstrations, illustrated talks, public speeches, and impromptu speeches. Use the following resources to help you prepare your own presentation to give to your club, at school, in the community, or at a contest.

Member and Leader Materials
Introduction to Presentations (211-200A)
Types of Presentations for 4-H Competitions (211-200B)
Parts of a Presentation (211-200C)
Steps in Planning a Presentation (211-200D)
The Mechanics of Presenting (211-200E)
Preparing and Using Visual Aids (211-200F)
Top Ten Tips for a Successful Presentation (211-200G)
A Primer on Presentations (211-200A-G)  A complilation of the above materials


Brainstorming (211-005)

Contest Materials - Communication

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