Videography is the making of videos or movies.  It is a way to communicate a message through the thoughts and creativity of one person or a team of people.  The following resources will give some background and basic information to get started in making a video.

Member and Leader Materials
Making a Video
(213-200A/Mar 2009) gives an overview of the entire process.
Video Preproduction
(213-200B/Mar 2009) covers the preproduction steps.
Video Productions Steps (213-200C/Mar 2009) includes equipment and composition of the shots.
Video Postproduction (213-200D/Mar 2009) covers editing and putting it all together.
My 4-H (          ) Project Record (000-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf  NEW Jan. 2014

Additional Materials and Resources
Portraits of Oregon: Youth Exploring Culture and Community Kit focuses on documentaries (available for checkout from the state 4-H office)

The Virtual 4-H Filmmaking Studio & Workshop has lots of online instruction and examples.

This website is listed for educational purposes and does constitute endorsement of any products they sell.  Additional commercial and informational sites may be found by using "making videos", "kids making videos" or similar words in a web search engine.

Kids'Vid is an educational website providing basic instruction and an online storyboard tool.  There are examples of several types of videos including animation in the theatre section.

Some counties may have additional opportunities in Communications such as journalism, Junior Toastmasters, or others.

Contest Materials - Communication

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