In the Leathercraft project, girls and boys learn to make attractive, useful, hand-tooled leather arti-cles. This project teaches coordination and helps develop creativity. Members learn to select and care for leather and may make their own patterns and designs. This project can involve the entire family. As members become more experienced, they make larger and more difficult articles.

Member Materials
4-H Leathercraft Manual (4-H 7501) (PNW 132)
My Leathercraft Record (251-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf NEW
4-H Leathercraft Advancement Guide (251-01R) (new pilot avaiable soon)

Exhibit Materials
Leathercraft Explanation Card
Leathercraft Evaluation Form  (251-02 revised 12-14)

For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials

Oregon 4-H Leathercraft Leader Guide  (4-H 750L)

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