The Crocheting project offers opportunities for members to develop skills that can be useful and bring pleasure throughout a lifetime. The project has a sequence of six phases to help the member build skills. Any phase may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the associated skills.

Member Materials

4-H Crocheting Project Member Guide  (4-H 962)
4-H Crocheting Record (370-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf NEW May 2014
ABC of Crocheting, Member Guide (Coats & Clark) Right-handed (4H406) print copies only
ABC of Crocheting, Member Guide (Coats & Clark) Left-handed (4H407) print copies only
4-H Fashion Revue Manual (4-H 9202)

Exhibit Materials

Go to State Fair Contest Materials page

For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials

Crocheting Leader Guide print copies only (4-H 962L)

Additional resources

These websites are listed for educational purposes and do not constitute endorsement of any products they sell. Additional commercial and informational sites may be found by using "crochet" or similar words in a web search engine. is an online information site with a library of crochet stitches and techniques
Lion Brand Yarn is a commercial site selling yarns and patterns. It also has a Learn to Crochet section.

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