Child Development Project

The Child Development project is a 2-year project that focuses on skills needed to be a successful babysitter. Topics include business management, sitter responsibilities, safety, appropriate activi-ties for children at different ages, and guiding children’s behavior. This project is designed for use in a club setting with a series of 10 or more meetings or as a basis for a concentrated short-term project preparing youth for babysitting activities.

(This is not currently a state supported project but may be available as a county project)

Member Materials
Kids on the Grow series
Behavior and Guidance (4-H 9124)
4-H Child Care Kits  (4-H 9125)
Child Care Checklist  (4-H 9126)
My 4-H (          ) Project Record (000-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
Super Sitters video and teaching guide

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