several knitted hatsThe 4-H Knitting project has two divisions: Knitting with hand-held needles and knitting with looms, boards, and machines. As members progress through either division, each phase builds skills. Hand held needle division has 6 phases; Looms and boards division has 3 phases. Any phase may be extended for more than one year to experience and master the skills which have been included.

Member Materials
4-H Knitting Member Guide (4-H 960)
4-H Knitting Record (360-00R) fillable pdf or printable pdf
4-H Knitting Skills (4-H 961)
ABC of Knitting, Member Guide (Coats & Clark) Right-handed (4-H 96010)
ABC of Knitting, Member Guide (Coats & Clark) Left-handed (4-H 96011)
4-H Fashion Revue Manual  (4-H 9202)

Exhibit and Contest Materials
Go to State Fair Contest Materials page

For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials
Oregon 4-H Knitting Leader Guide  (4-H 960L)

Additional Resources
These websites are listed for educational purposes and do not constitute endorsement of any products they sell. Additional commercial and informational sites may be found by using "knitting", "loom knitting", or similar words in a web search engine.
Knitting Help is an educational website supported by various commercial sites. It has an extensive video section showing all types of knitting skills and techniques.
KnitPicks is a commercial site selling yarn, patterns, and supplies. They include an extensive selection of tutorials on various knitting skills from basics to advanced techniques. Most have photos and some are actual videos. You can sign up for email newsletters is a web based information site. It offers basic “how to” information on and free patterns or project instructions, and reviews of tools and books. You can sign up for email newsletters.
Lion Brand Yarn is a commercial site selling yarns and patterns. This site also has a Learn to Knit section
Loom Knitters Circle is a commercial site that includes basic instructions for loom knitting.

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