Foods and Nutrition Project

In the Food and Nutrition project, members learn to plan, select, and prepare nutritious, attractive, and well-balanced meals. The major focus of the project includes food preparation, food safety and storage, nutrition & fitness, management and consumerism. Statewide Contests include Food Preparation Contest, Mini Meal Contest, and Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest. Members enroll according to their experience level, not age or grade.

Member Materials
Phase 1
Baking 1 (EC111)
4-H Cooking 101-R12 print copies only (MEO120)
Phases 2-3
Baking 2 (EC112)
4-H Cooking 201 print copies only (MEO121)
Phases 4-6
Baking 3 (EC113)
4-H Cooking 301 print copies only (MEO 122)
Phases 7-9
Baking 4 (EC114)
4-H Cooking 401 print copies only (MEO123)
All Phases
Glossary of Food Terms  (4-H 93111)
Choosing and Using Recipes  (4-H 93112)
Oregon 4-H Food and Nutrition Advancement Guide (511-15R)
4-H Food and Nutrition Record (Junior)(511-13R) pdf version, fillable pdf
4-H Food and Nutrition Record (Intermediate and Senior)(511-14R) pdf version, fillable pdf
You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness (PNW 0250)
Oregon 4-H Food and Nutrition Advancement Guide
Table Setting Guidelines (999-06) revised 2018

Video Resources

Measuring Ingredients - Demonstration of equipment and techniques for measuring food ingredients.  (7 min 18 sec)
Measuring Ingredients Companion Handout (511-14).  Provides a written summary of steps.
Introduction to Science Inquiry
4-H Science Inquiry: Milk Magic

Exhibit and Contest Materials
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For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials
4-H Cooking Helper's Guide print copies only (MEO124)

Oregon 4-H Foods and Nutrition Leader Guide revised 2018 (511-16L)
2018 Oregon 4-H Leader Supplement Guide: Nutrition and Health Focus (511-16S)
Oregon 4-H Science Rich Handbook Series: Focus on the 4-H Foods Project

Related Materials
Altering Recipes for Good Health
The Healthy Recipe Cookbook - Food Hero print copies only (English)
Un Libro de Cocina De Recetas Saludables - Food Hero print copies only (Spanish)
Food Hero website
My Plate website

Eat Smart, Play Hard website
Balanced Energy Physical Activity Toolkit website

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