Woodworking Project Materials

The 4-H woodworking project is a fun way to learn the basics of wood construction and woodworking. This project covers the basics of construction safety, sawing, nailing, and wood finishing, while showing youth how to create and construct fun, useful items. Youth also have the opportunity to explore careers in woodworking and construction as part of the project. The 4-H Woodworking is an excellent fall and winter proj-ect because it can be done indoors.

Member Materials

Working with Wood and Tools, Unit 1 Member Manual (4-H 4421)
The Wonderful World of Wood, Unit II Member Manual (4-H 4422)
Building Bigger Things, Unit III Member Manual (4-H 4423)
Woodworking Wonders: Measuring Up, Level 1 (06875, formerly 4-H 441)
Woodworking Wonders: Making the Cut, Level 2 (06876)
Woodworking Wonders: Nailing It Together, Level 3 (06877, formerly 4-H 443)
Woodworking Wonders: Finishing Up, Level 4 (06878, formerly 4-H 444)
Exhibit Materials
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For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials
4-H Wood Science Leader Guide (4-H 442L)
Woodworking Wonders Group Activities and Helper Guide (06879, formerly 4-H 440L)

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