Unit 4 - Forests

Ponderosa Pine4.1 Forests of Oregon (NGSS Practices included 2, 4, 8)

Oregon 4-H Forestry Member Manual Lesson 2

C-GEO Maps

Vegetation zones, pg. 23
Forest zones, pg. 24
Wildlife Distribution, pg.28

Willamette Valley - Tree and shrub Articulates interactive e-learning- Online learning
 - Part 1 - Oregon Tree & Shrub Identification
 - Part 2 - Western Oregon 4-H Tree Identification Flash Cards
 - Part 3 - Western Oregon 4-H Tree Identification Quiz

4.2 Looking Closer: Layers of the Forest (NGSS Practices included 1, 3, 4, 7, 8)

4-H Science Rich Learning Handbook: Focus on Forestry- Version of Looking Closer Inquiry Field Activity

4.3 Growing Every Which Way (NGSS Practices included 2, 4)

Oregon 4-H Forestry Member Manual Lesson 7 

4.4 Fire and Forests (NGSS Practices included 1, 4, 6, 7)

Oregon 4-H Forestry Member Manual Lesson 12

C-GEO Maps: Compare the maps to see which Forest Zones are more or less at risk of a fire.  Is there any relationship between fire risk and average annual precipitation?

Forest zones, pg. 24
Forest Fire Risk, pg. 26
Climographs, pg. 22

Field Trip- Use the 4-H Forest Observation Data Sheet- ALSO encourage youth to look at other plant communities and plant species other than the forest trees.

Oregon State Parks Guide: http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=v.page&id=50

County Parks information:

Lane http://www.lanecounty.org/Departments/PW/Parks/Pages/default.aspx
Linn http://www.linnparks.com/
Benton https://www.co.benton.or.us/parks

References:  Trees to Know in Oregon, https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/4-h331l,

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