Natural Science

Projects in Natural Science help youth become better acquainted with the outdoors. Much of Oregon’s economic base and perceived quality of life come from our natural resources. In these projects, youth gain an appreciation for the natural environment that will allow them to become good stewards of Oregon’s resources.

Environmental Stewardship clubs may include members enrolled in a number of education tracks or all members pursuing one track, such as Forestry, in greater depth. Regardless of the club’s track emphasis, all youth enrolled in Environmental Stewardship should participate in activities from the 4-H Discovery: Learning Outdoors core lessons for their specific grade level. More information on publications to support the education tracks is provided on the following pages.

Some of the publications listed below are available electronically as downloadable pdf's. If you are unable to access these files via computer, please contact your county 4-H office for a hard copy. Some items are only avalable through your county office and some are available for check out from the State 4-H Office.

4-H Science Logic Model
Science Ready 4-H Checklist
Junior Master Naturalist

Also check out 4-H Wildlife StewardsVirginia Bourdeau

Project Leadership

Virginia D. Bourdeau
Office:  Oregon 4-H Center

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