Reptiles and Amphibians

aka - Herptiles -

This term is used to encompass both reptiles and amphibians, especially in situations where a member of either group of animals is meant without excluding the other. 


Reference Books

Reptiles of the Northwest, Alan St. John, Lone Pine Publishing

Peterson Field Guide: Wester Reptiles and Amphibians, Robert C. Stebbins

Reptiles of Washington and Oregon,  Seattle Audubon Society, the Trailside Series, coordinating editors Storm and Leonard.


Web site reference- Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife -Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife California Reptiles and Amphibians


Encourage youth in your community to discover native amphibians and their value to the ecosystem. Students will learn how to identify native amphibians and conduct field research. Youth will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing that they are contributing data to local herpetologists that will aid in the conservation of these magnificent creatures.

Amphibians and You - 4-H Mall resources
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