Geology is the science of earth materials and their features. It includes the study of rocks, minerals, and the fossils of animals and plants. The 4-H Geology Member Guide supports the traditional 4-H Geology project including a four-level advancement program for self-directed study and information about preparing rock and mineral collections and displays.

The Oregon 4-H Earth Science Leader Guide provides activities for both junior (grades 4–6) and intermediate (grades 7–9) youth. The leader guide is designed for use in traditional 4-H clubs and camps and also for school enrichment delivery. Activities are keyed to 4-H Life Skills and Oregon Department of Education Benchmarks for grades 5 and 8.

Chapters are designed to be presented sequentially beginning with the “birth” of the eastern Blue Mountains as Mesozoic Island Arc Volcanoes and traveling over geologic time to recent events affecting today’s Oregonians. Each chapter develops key concepts in earth science with lessons that encourage inquiry. Suggested field trip locations are provided to enrich the learning experience.

Member Materials

4-H Geology Member Guide download pdf (4-H 340)
4-H Geology Record (421-02R) fillable pdf or printable pdf

Exhibit Materials
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For Leaders, in Addition to Member Materials
Oregon 4-H Science Rich Handbook Series - Focus on the 4-H Geology Project
Oregon 4-H Earth Science Leader Guide (4-H 340L)
Description of Some Oregon Rocks and Minerals (4-H 3401L)

Enrichment Resources for Members and Leaders

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