Shooting Sports Mail-In Tournament

The Oregon 4-H Shooting Sports Mail-In Tournament offers youth the opportunity to compete in an environment where they can safely interact with peers; learn to follow rules and rise to expectations; support and encourage other club members; engage in something that sparks their interest; develop and value morals and ethics; set and achieve goals; build life skills; and involve the entire family. This is done through shooting sports disciplines such as archery, hunting skills, muzzle loading, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Both marksmanship and sportsmanship are recognized.

The Mail-In Tournament is also the qualifying mechanism for the Oregon 4-H Shooting Sports State Contest held each year in June, which in turn qualifies youth for the 4-H Shooting Sports National Championships held the following year.

2018-19 Mail-In Tournament

Welcome to the 2018-19 Mail-In Tournament - Letter

NOTE: You will need to know the Track in which the youth is shooting - Entry Level or National Championship. This is determined by equipment type, NOT by how long a youth has been shooting. Please contact your leader if you are uncertain. Details about the different options can be found in the most recent State Contest Guide, accessible here.

Link to Online Registration for Mail-In Tournament (youth and leaders must register)
PLEASE NOTE: All regististrations made after February 1 will be assessed a $5 late fee.

Guide to Registering for the State Shooting Sports Mail-In Tournament 

Safety and Sportsmanship Score Sheet (all disciplines) (460-07) revised 12-12

Submitting Tournament Scores - please remember to keep names in the same order each month to facilitate data transfer. Add new members to the bottom of the scoresheet. And don't forget to include your safety and sportsmanship points (up to 100) each month. Please send your scores to:

Discipline-Specific Mail-In Tournament Information


Hunting Skills

  • The Hunting Skills Discipline at State Contest will be open to any 4-H member who qualifies in ANY 2018 Mail-In Tournament discipline. No other pre-qualification will be required (i.e. there is no specific Hunting Skills Mail-In Tournament). Hunting Skills is a unique competition that combines Map and Compass, Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, and a knowledge of Hunting Skills. Participants will be required to provide their own equipment at State Contest. More information about this event will be provided as soon as it is available. Please email questions to

Muzzle Loading




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