Science, Technology and Engineering

The 4-H Science, Technology and Engineering projects provide several opportunities for youth to become involved with a variety of engineering areas. 4-H members can explore the world of computers, becoming computer literate through the use of computer software, hardware, and Internet skills. Members also can explore the magic of electricity, magne-tism, and electronics and learn the service and safe operation of tractors and farm machinery. The 4-H Engineering project also allows members to make useful articles of wood by learning to select, use, and care for woodworking tools. These projects provide opportunities for youth to develop skill and confidence in the engineering field.

Contact the 4-H Youth Development program in your county Extension office to order publications that are not available online.

Science Inquiry Training

Science Investigation and Displays

Instructions and Templates for Staff Developed Science Activities

Science Inquiry Handouts and Videos

Introduction to Science Inquiry - Handout, Video
Rocket Stomper - Handout, Video
Bee Buzzers - Handout, Video
Parachutes - Handout, Video
Egg Crusher - Handout, Vidoe
Worm Behavior - Handout, Video
Animal Color Preference - Handout, Video
Farm Animal Health - Handout, Video
Fabric Dyeing - Handout, Video
Milk Magic - Handout, Video

View entire Science Inquiry video series here

Science & Engineering in the Lives of Students - On-line resources for youth and leaders/teachers


The Parts of the Animal Cell

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