Aerospace Project

Aerospace Level 2 guide

Aerospace Level 1 guideIn Level 1 of Aerospace Adventures, youth build a marshmallow rocket, learn about different careers in aviation and space, and explore how an airplane works. 4 activities total. Grades 1-3.


In Level 2 of Aerospace Adventures, youth build a straw rocket, learn about weather conditions, make a paper hot air balloon, and learn the International Phonetic Alphabet. 13 activities total.  See also the Aerospace Materials Kit below.

Aerospace Level 3 Guide


In Level 3 of Aerospace Adventures, youth make a shuttle on a string, a Japanese kite, a hang glider, and learn about a control panel of an aircraft. 12 activities total.  See also the Aerospace Materials Kit below.

Aerospace Level 4 Guide


In Level 4 of Aerospace Adventures, youth create an altitude tracker, determine fuel efficiency for a commercial aircraft, explore pilot certification, evaluate navigation systems, and learn about airport issues. 12 activities total.

Aerospace Helpers Guide 


Adult Guide to accompany the Aerospace Adventures curriculum. Answers the questions in the activity guides as well as provides facilitators with discussion points and questions for youth.



The Aerospace Materials Kit contains pieces and materials that are needed to complete the activities in Levels 2 and 3 of the Aerospace Adventures curriculum. Activities include building rockets, airplanes, kites, helicopters, and hot air balloons, making a star gazer, and making a paper flight simulator.   Materials include, but are not limited to: balloons, brass fasteners, paper clips, string, scissors, tape, a digital stopwatch, and rocket parts and motors. The kit is designed to accommodate ten (10) youth.Aerospace Materials Kit

Member Materials
Aerospace Adventures 1 - Pre-Flight (06842)
Aerospace Adventures 2 - Lift Off (06843)
Aerospace Adventures 3 - New Heights (06844)
Aerospace Adventures 4 - Pilot in Command (06845)
Aerospace Adventures CD (07605)

Aerospace Materials Kit

Exhibit Materials - go to contest materials page

For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials
Science Inquiry video: Rocket Stomper
Science Inquiry video: Parachutes
Science Inquiry video: Bee Buzzers
Aerospace Adventures - Helper's Guide (06846)

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