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Energize and electrify youth with Electric Excite-ment, the 4-H electric energy series. The series is supported by Interactive Learning Programs (ILPs), which are on-line modules that will help adults and youth learn about electricity. The ILPs were developed by the Oregon 4-H program and follow the books, providing self-paced activates.  They are filled with interactive active features such as “drag and drop” animation and virtual experiments.  They also include additional printable resources to assist with successful completion of each activity in the curriculum.  The ILPs for Level 1 are posted below the materials list information.   The ILPs for Level 2 are posted next to the picture of the book cover.

Through this printed curriculum and the Interactive Learning Program, youth demystify the “magic” of elec-tric circuits, magnetism, motors, and electron-ics. These project materials invite members to explore all areas of electricity from forming and testing hypotheses, to building burglar alarms, to learning how to select high quality stereo and other consumer items. Each book contains hands-on, useful, and fun projects that allow youth to experience technology first-hand, promoting scientific literacy while teaching communication and decision-making life skills.

Magic of ElectricityLevel 1 Magic of Electricity  Youth explore why certain things insulate from electricity better than others and the effect that magnetism has various substances.  They also build a flashlight, a compass, an electromagnet, and an electric motor. 

Magic of Electricity - Level 1 Materials Kit (for 5 Groups of Youth) - Level 1 Electricity KitThis kit includes all the basic and not-so-common materials for Level 1Magic of Electricity.  This kit contains the hands-on materials used to study electrical circuits, magnetism, and electromagnetism. Youth will make series and parallel circuits, create an electromagnet, build a galvanometer, and make a working electric motor. Material kits are designed to accommodate up to five groups of students (target group size is 2-5 youth). Grades 3-5. Curriculum books must be purchased separately.   Materials include, but are not limited to: Magnets, D-Cell Batteries, Compasses, Nails, and Wire.  Full list of product contents can be found on the 4-H Mall website.

Level 1 4-H Magic of Electricity Interactive Learning Programs

Investigating ElectricityLevel 2 Investigating Electricity  Youth build circuits and test voltages, build a rocket launcher, and build a burglar alarm as they practice decision making and communication. This unit is designed for youth who understand magnetism, electron flow, and circuit design for the Magic of Electricity book .

Level 2 4-H Magic of Electricity Interactive Learning Programs


Wired for PowerLevel 3 Wired for Power Youth build on skills learned in Levels 1 and 2 plus learn how to measure electrical usage, replace electrical switches, and determine electrical loads. Youth will also evaluate different light bulbs and test for electrical power.


Entering ElectronicsLevel 4 Entering Electronics This unit introduces the basics of solid-state electronics and provides hands-on activities for practical experience in understanding modern day electronic equipment. This unit is for the intermediate to advanced learner.


Electric Group Helpers GuideElectric Group Helpers Guide This helper's guide has a number of exciting group activities that will keep members coming back for more. It includes a variety of group activities that can be organized quickly and conducted with 3 to 15 youth in a group.






Try out this e-learning program about using electricity to light up fabric creations and clothing- 4-H Clothing Spark!

Member Materials
Electricity Level 1: The Magic of Electricity (06848)
Electricity Level 2: Investigating Electricity (06849, formerly 4-H 412)
Electricity Level 3: Wired for Power (06850, formerly 4-H 413)
Electricity Level 4: Entering Electronics (06851, formerly 4-H 414)
Exhibit Materials
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For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials
Electricity Project Group Activities and Helper Guide (4-H 410L)

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