Robotics wWith Ev3Use the newest LEGO® technology to learn about what a robot is, how to build one, and how to program it. Activities are based on the EV3 Core Set available from LEGO® Education for about $380 (price as of January 2016). Other EV3 kits may not be the same! A computer for running the programming software and Internet access for watching videos are required.

Junk Drawer Robotics Project Materials

In the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum, youth are challenged to build robots from everyday items. None of the levels requires or uses computers. There is a separate Facilitator Guide for each of the three project levels. Youth use a Robotics Notebook to record their learning experiences, robotic designs and data from their investigations.  Materials kits are available for Level 1 and Level 2 below.

Robotics Youth NotebookJunk Drawer Robotics Youth Notebook

There is one Robotics Notebook for the three levels of the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum. The notebook encourages youth to think and act like scientists and engineers. In their notebook, youth will record their ideas, collect data, draw designs, and reflect on their experiences. It also provides specific information for the challenges. Each youth should have his or her own Robotics Notebook. Grades 4-12.




Junk Drawer Robotics Level 1 Facilitator Guide - Give Robots a Hand

In Level 1 - Give Robots a Hand, youth explore and learn about robot arms. Concepts covered include pneumatics, arm designs, and three-dimensional space. Big ideas include form and function, scientific habits of mind, and engineering design.

Level 1 Ffacilitators GuideLevel 2 Facilitators GuideJunk Drawer Robotics Level 2 Facilitator Guide - Robots on the Move

n Level 2 - Robots on the Move, youth learn about locomotion through exploring, designing, and building mobile robot ROVs and other subsystems. Youth learn about friction, electronic circuits, mobile robots, simple machines, and buoyancy.

Level 3 Facilitators Guide



Junk Drawer Robotics Level 3 Facilitator Guide - Mechatronics

In Level 3 - Mechatronics, youth will explore sensors and analog and digital systems. The track introduces simple electronic components; youth will build basic circuits to see how the components work. They will investigate basic elements of programming and instructions for robotic computer control.



Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum 1 - Materials Kit (3-5 Youth) - $119.00

Level 1 Robotics KitThis kit contains the hands-on materials needed to complete level one of the Junk Drawer Robotics curriculum. The kit includes basic materials as well as the not-so-common materials needed to complete each activity. Save hours of shopping and purchase a ready-to-use kit!  This materials kit is designed to accommodate ten (10) youth.  Curriculum books must be purchased separately.  Materials include, but are not limited to: Balloons, Tennis Balls, Squeeze Bottles, Clips, Clothespins, Craft Sticks, Straws, Syringes, Skewers, Airline Tubing, Washer, Paper Clips, etc. 

Junk Drawer Robotics Curriculum 2 - Materials Kit (3-5 Youth) - $119.00

The Robotics Level 2 Materials Kit contains all of the materials needed for completing the activities in the second level of the Junk Level 2 Robotics KitDrawer Robotics curriculum. Just like its predecessor, this kit was put together in a way that would reduce the hours of shopping and searching for the needed items to complete the activities. Purchase this ready-made kit and get started on an exciting adventure with Robotics. This kit is designed to accommodate ten (10) youth.  Materials include, but are not limited to: Motors, Tennis Balls, Protractors, Craft Sticks, Paper Clips, Gears, Straws, and Electrical Tape.

Member and Volunteer Materials
Junk Drawer Robotics Track Level 1: Give Robots a Hand (08431)
Junk Drawer Robotics Track Level 2: Robots on the Move (08432)
Junk Drawer Robotics Track Level 3: Mechatronics (08433)

Exhibit Materials
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For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials
Robotics with EV3
Robotics Platforms Track DVD (08434) (Not available at this time)
Virtual Robotics Track DVD (08430)  (Not available at this time)
Robotics Facilitator Guides3

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