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Are you looking for something to spark engineering and science interest among middle school kids?  The activities in The Power of the Wind curriculum involve young people in the engineering design process as they learn about the wind and its uses. Youth work with members of a team to design, create, build, and test a wind powered device. The device must solve a problem and requires the designers to balance options and constraints. Participants are guided to make adjustments and retest until the vehicle or machine solves the original problem.

Wind Facilitators Guide





Power of Wind Facilitators Guide





Power of Wind Kit

Wind KitThis kit includes all the basic and not-so-common materials for the Power of the Wind curriculum. This comprehensive kit contains materials for youth to practice engineering skills to construct wind powered machines and various wind turbines. Youth use their turbine designs to lift a load and produce electricity. Youth learn how generators work using motors and multimeters. Material kits are designed to accommodate up to five groups of students (target group size is 2-5 youth). Materials include, but are not limited to: Multimeters, digital stopwatches, motors, corks, and string. Full list of product contents can be found on the 4-H Mall website.

Member Materials
Power of Wind Youth Guide (08383)
For Volunteers, in Addition to Member Materials
Power of Wind Facilitator Guide (08384)
Wind Energy Kits

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