YA4-H! Curriculum

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YA4-H! Building Successful Youth-Adult Partnerships

This 94 page train-the-trainer style curriculum is chock full of fun learning activities for teens and adults to build successful partnerships for their YA4-H! projects.

Training options are clearly laid out, ranging from a short (4 hour) workshop to a full weekend schedule (13 hours).

The activities cover:

  • Ice breakers and teambuilding
  • Explorations of power balances
  • Understanding youth-adult partnerships
  • Understanding personal traits in groups
  • Reflection, application and evaluation

Reviewed and reccomended by the National 4-H Curriculum Jutry, this curriculum is available for purchase from the National 4-H Curriculum Collection ($80). Click here to purchase your copy today!



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 YA4-H! Teens as Teachers

This 118 page curriculum has everthing you need to prepare your teens to be effective cross-age teachers. Based on research on teen teachers, the train-the trainer format prepares teens and their adult mentors in:

  • Exploring culture and diversity
  • Understanding your audience
  • Teaching tips and tools
  • Preparing to teach
  • Relection and evaluation

Full of colorful handouts and useful templates for recuriting teens, the curriculum outlines training schedules from short sessions (4 hours) to full weekend retreats (11.5 hours).

Reviewed and reccomended by the National 4-H Curriculum Jury, YA4-H! Teens as Teachers will be available for purchase from the National 4-H Curriculum collection soon!




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YA4-H! Youth Participatory Research and Action

Anticipated publication date: June, 2015

YA4-H! Youth Advocates for Health is a teen leadership program that encourages youth to make a difference in their communities by identifying, researching and addressing health-related concerns important to them. The YA4-H! Youth Participatory Action Research curriculum teaches teens the skills they need to identify concerns, investigate and understand those concerns, and determine actions to take to improve health in their communities.


Youth participatory action research developed from the larger field of participatory research and evaluation, which emphasizes strengthening communities through the empowerment of local citizens as they discover and use knowledge toward their own benefit. Increasingly, YPAR is a popular method for engaging youth in the exploration of community issues. YPAR projects like YA4-H! actively engage youth in the examination of issues that affect their lives, and help youth take an active role in addressing these concerns. Along the way, youth learn the key elements of social science inquiry and develop a more complex social and political awareness.

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