Experiencing Citizenship - What to Bring

Clover Cloud ImageMarch 22-25, 2015

An Oregon 4-H Conference

Experiencing Citizenship

At the Salem Grand Hotel & Convention Center
         201 Liberty Str. SE, Salem, OR 97301

Must Bring

$15-$20 to purchase own meal on Monday evening, with organized groups and chaperones. Comfortable shoes for walking to the Capitol and events within about 6 blocks of Grand Hotel. For special accommodations, contact: marilyn.lesmeister@oregonstate.edu (541-737-2794)

Technology to Bring

Everyone will be assigned to an Issue Group to plan and develop responses to a question posed by an Oregon agency. For easy access and efficient use of time - LABEL & BRING a . . . Tablet* Ipad* Laptop computer* Smart Phone* (*with labeled cords)

Clothing to Bring

Jacket with a hood (and/or umbrella) for frequent rain in the Willamette Valley

Recommended dress code is printed on the Working Agenda for the Experiencing Citizenship conference. Suggestions include:

Casual: Jeans, kakis, shirts, or t-shirts (only positive slogans) are acceptable while attending sessions in the Convention Center and Grand Hotel.

Professional: Dress slacks, button shirts, jackets, ties, suits, or dresses are appropriate for time at the Capitol building, meeting decision-makers, or delivering a presentation to state agency representatives.

Semi-Professional (or Business Casual): Shirts with collars, dress slacks, kakis, and 4-H logo shirts are appropriate as participants practice meal etiquette and presentations on Tuesday evening.

Sportswear, Etc: " Pack a conservative swimsuit. There is time on the schedule to use the hotel pool.

" Sport shoes for morning walks or runs when a chaperones is available.

Optional Items to Bring

Shirt with your favorite sports team logo, a 4-H logo shirt, backpack or shoe bag, camera

Do NOT Bring

Precious jewelry or expensive game technology that may be misplaced or lost.

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