National 4-H Congress Application Process

Assembling Your Congress Application Packet

You are responsible for the careful preparation of your application packet. Pay attention to the formatting requirements of each section.

All submission material should be placed in a flat, stiff 8 ½ x 11 inch folder with internal fasteners. (Three-ring binders  or folders with outside clips are not acceptable.) Please be sure material is securely fastened inside the binder.  Put your name and county on the upper right corner of the front cover unless the cover is clear.

Use labeled dividers for each of the four sections in the following order:

 1. National 4-H Congress Submission Form (form must be completely filled out)

 2.  My 4-H Story

  • Your story should be a description of what you have learned and experienced through your 4-H participation. Include how 4-H has impacted your life and how you have impacted the lives of others.
  • Minimum of three full pages; maximum of four pages.  (sample format here)
  • Must be type-written, one-sided, double-spaced, with a 1 ½ inch margin on the left side and a 1 inch margin on the right, top, and bottom of the page.
  • Use either Times New Roman or Arial font and 12 point type.
  • Type your name and county in the upper right corner of the first page.
  • Be sure all information is accurate and that spelling and grammar are correct.

 3.  My 4-H Resume

  • Up-to-date through February of current year
  • Submit the entire resume

 4.  Project and Activity Photographs

  • Maximum of three pages (one-sided only)
  • A pictorial summary of the highlights of your 4-H activities
  • May use photographs or photocopies. Be sure you use photos that can be reproduced. If a photo is copyrighted (e.g. a professional shot), please indicate this on or near the photo. The state 4-H office will scan one or more of your photos for use in promotional materials.
  • Captions are required

Submission Deadline

Members must submit their completed application packets to their county Extension Office by the due date established by their county. Counties then forward the application packets and the county nomination form to the state 4-H office on or before March 1 of each year.

National 4-H Congress Selection Procedure and Criteria

The State 4-H Recognition Committee meets in March or April each year to review all applications for Congress. Finalists are selected based equally on leadership, community service, communication, and projects/activities. These finalists interview at  4-H Summer Conference in June at Oregon State University. Each finalist will participate in two interviews, after which the committee will select the members who will be awarded trips to National 4-H Congress.

Note: Finalists are required to register for 4-H Summer Conference, participate in the Congress track all day Friday, and stay for the announcement of the delegation on the Recognition Brunch Saturday morning.

The goal in selecting delegates for National 4-H Congress is to select members who demonstrate considerable growth and accomplishment in 4-H participation, who will gain from the experience of attending Congress, and who will return to leadership roles in their county and state.

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